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Probate Law in Eureka, California

Probate Attorney in Eureka, California

Explaining Probate

The probate process affects everyone because every person has some sort of estate. Your estate may be in the form of property, money or possessions, but it’s still legally defined as your estate. The probate process is meant to assure that a will is followed. Ensure beneficiaries receive what was left to them and settle any remaining debts by contacting an attorney. Although each case is slightly different, the probate process can be broken down into three general steps.

Step 1: Collection

The first step involves an administrator collecting your estate and taking an inventory of your possessions. During this process, the administrator may call in professionals to appraise your belongings and give an estimate of how much everything is worth.

Step 2: Paying Debts

After calculating the value of your estate, the administrator will use a necessary portion of that value to settle any debts, bills, taxes or expenses, including funeral costs. This ensures that relatives are not burdened by the debts of the decedent.

Step 3: Property Transfer

The final step in the probate process involves legally transferring what remains of the estate to the beneficiaries outlined in the decedent’s final will. In the event that a final will cannot be found, the property will be distributed according to state laws.

Contact an Attorney

Often times, the probate process becomes complicated and frustrating, which is why we recommend that you leave that to us. Our friendly and professional team members are your local probate experts and are happy to help you get things sorted out quickly and efficiently. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with an expert and let us expedite the legal process so you can focus on what’s most important.
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